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CBD (cannabidiol) is one of 110+ cannabinoids found in hemp plants. It is extracted from the plant and made accessible for ingestion or application.

There are 3 different types of CBD to consider:


Products contain pure CBD. These are great for people who are new to CBD and want to test it out or those who want absolutely no other compound in their system.


Products contain all cannabinoids in the plant and may include traces of THC. The “entourage effect” allows the other compounds to work together to produce complementary effects.


Contains all cannabinoids of the plant including THC. The THC content is less than 0.3% and lets you experience the "entourage effect" without the high.

How does CBD work in the body?

It’s all very Scientific. Simply stated, all cannabinoids, including CBD, produce effects in the body by attaching to specific receptors. CB1 receptors are present throughout the body, but many are in the brain. The CB1 receptors deal with coordination and movement, pain, emotions, mood, thinking, appetite, memory, and other functions

CB2 receptors are primarily associated with the immune system. They are found outside of the brain in the gut, spleen, liver, heart, kidneys, bones, blood vessels, lymph cells, endocrine glands, and reproductive organs.

CBD finds receptors that are misfiring (unbalanced) and attaches to them to bring about Homeostasis (balance).

How much CBD is right for me?

Low and Slow.

Getting the dosage right is critically important to achieving success with CBD. Taking too little or too much is the most common mistake made by new users.


It is typically best to start low and gradually increase the dosage over time until you achieve your desired results. Be patient as results may not come immediately.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to how much CBD you should take. Some may experience results with the first dose and others may take several weeks.  Finding your personal “sweet spot” dosage will involve some experimentation and adjustments over time. Total daily dosage will vary based on a person’s weight, level of concern, and method of use. 

How do I take CBD?

Taking CBD by mouth, under the tongue (tinctures) is one of many delivery options for using cannabidiol. It is also available in capsule form, gummies, other edibles, coffees, teas, vape cartridges, and topicals. The amount of CBD in these forms varies from product to product, and it is important to know precisely how much CBD per dose is contained in the products you choose.


Buyer Beware

Some CBD manufacturers have come under fire for reporting false claims, such as CBD being a cure-all for cancer. This claim is false and unsubstantiated.  Exact dosing is difficult to nail down, and because CBD is currently an unregulated supplement, it is difficult to know exactly what you are getting. Therefore, it is important to trust your source for CBD products. Any reputable CBD merchant should provide third party testing results for any and all their products.

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